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French Drain Installation The Woodlands

It is crucial to choose the right landscape contractor.

Pearce Scapes is a landscape drainage contractor with over 25 years of experience in The Woodlands, Spring, Cypress, and Magnolia. We have the expertise and knowledge to resolve any type of landscape drainage problem, from standing water to soggy water. Without hassle, we honor all warranties and guarantees. We are specialists in landscape drainage and French drain installation.

Overflowing water can damage your landscaping, lawn, and garden. One of these problems is erosion. Pearce Scapes provides drainage services to divert excess water from your home and landscaping properly. We offer a variety of water diversion techniques, including catch basins, French Drains, landscape grading, and others to efficiently and quickly divert excess water.

A 50-foot-long exterior French drain trench means that you can excavate approximately 75 cubic feet of soil. It all depends on how dry your soil is (if it has a drainage problem); this could mean 4 to 5 tons of dirt.

You will need to dig the dirt out and move it. The excavated dirt will need a new home. It can fill a spot in your yard or create a few raised garden beds.

Reality check: A French drainage to treat wet areas or minor flooding in your yard is possible with a DIY project called a curtain drain. We contact our city services to locate any underground utilities before we dig. This is a free service that ensures underground utilities are located before you start digging.

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French Drains The Woodlands, Texas
French Drain Installation The Woodlands, TX