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Landscape Design Gleannloch Farms, TX

Our landscape design team can create a complete master plan for your entire property.

First, we listen closely to our client’s landscape design desires, needs, personal tastes, maintenance preferences, and wishes. Then, we complete a landscape assessment of the property where we determine sunlight variances throughout the property, soil health and quality, and any areas with special needs, such as areas with erosion or drainage concerns. Next, we complete a detailed scaled architect drawing to the fullest detail. And last, we walk you through the landscape design plan to help assure your satisfaction.

Making a landscape design your first step in creating or renovating your landscape will save valuable time and money in the long run. Our landscape designs are drawn at maturity to maximize healthy establishment and eliminate the need to remove overcrowded plant material later.

Gleannloch Farms Landscape Design

After we design your landscape with the perfect trees, shrubs, ground covers, and flowers to match your design taste and maintenance preferences, we select the healthiest plant material from the finest growers and nurseries in the Houston Area to ensure that your finished landscape is spectacular. We install your plant material using the correct root ball depth, perfect soil mixture, and recommended lighting for each plant to thrive. Moreover, Pearce Scapes specializes in installing plants that are either native or well-adapted to our growing region and climate. These plants are much more likely to maintain optimal long-term health, require less overall maintenance, and become more drought-tolerant once established. After your landscape installation, we educate you on your new landscape’s ongoing fertilization, watering, and maintenance needs. Of course, you can hire us to maintain it as well.

Installation Process

During the installation process, we go to great lengths in the initial preparation of the garden area. Depending on your native soil and the plants selected, we use products such as expanded shale, peat moss, acidic mixes, landscaper mixes, and finished organic compost. We will adequately blend and grade the beds before planting, ensuring the best drainage possible. Whether you have anything from black (gumbo) clay to red soil, our soil mixtures and bed preparation work will not only make your plants root in quicker and stay healthier, increasing survival rate, but it can help decrease the grass and weeds in the beds as well.

Once your new beds are prepared, we pay close attention to the proper spacing of the plant material. Through our years of experience and the research of the nurseries and growers we buy, we can predict the size of the plants at maturity. At Pearce Scapes, we avoid the long-term pitfalls of making your landscape look initially complete by planting material too close together. This common installation mistake will cause the beds to become overcrowded in just a few short years, thus increasing the plant’s risk of succumbing to diseases and insects, thus causing your landscape to look unattractive and overgrown, and with a higher maintenance.

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Landscape Design, Gleannloch Farms, TX