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Landscape Design in Bridgeland

Landscape Design 

Our landscape design team can create a complete master plan for your entire property. We listen to our client’s needs, wants, and maintenance preferences. Next, we do a landscape assessment on the property to determine sun exposure, soil quality, and health, as well as any special requirements, such e.g. drainage or erosion concerns. The next step is to create a scaled architect drawing. We will walk you through the final landscape design plan to ensure your satisfaction. It will be a great way to save time and money on landscaping. Landscape designs are drawn at maturity to ensure a healthy establishment and avoid the need to remove excess plant material later.

Custom Landscaping Service

We design your landscape using the best trees, shrubs, and ground covers to suit your design tastes and maintenance preferences. Then we choose the most healthy plant material from the top growers and nurseries in Houston to ensure your landscape is stunning. Your plant material is installed using the proper root ball depth, soil mix, and recommended lighting to ensure its success. Pearce Scapes is a specialist in installing plants native to or well-adapted to our climate and growing area. These plants will be more likely to sustain optimal long-term health, require less maintenance, and are more drought-tolerant after they have been established. We will educate you about your new landscape’s maintenance and fertilization requirements after it is installed. You can also hire us to maintain your landscape.

We go to great lengths to prepare the garden before we begin the installation. We use peat moss and acidic mixes depending on the plant species and soil type. We will adequately mix and grade the beds before planting to ensure the best drainage. Our soil preparation and mixtures will help your plants root in faster and stay healthier.

After preparing your beds, we ensure the plants are placed in the right places. We can predict the size of mature plants based on our experience and research from the growers and nurseries we purchase. Pearce Scapes avoids the long-term problems of planting too much material in a landscape. This common mistake can cause your landscape to look unattractive, overgrown and more difficult to maintain.

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