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What Should I Do After The Freeze?

One of the most common questions is, “What should I do after the Freeze?”  – Your first thought should be to bring in Pearce Scapes and let our experts take care of your yard and prepare you for Spring.  But if you are more of the DIY type, we wanted to pass along some valuable tips to help you transition from “freeze ugly” to “beautiful Spring”.

After two consecutive nights in the 20s, your lawns and landscape are most likely freeze-dried.  

  1. Houston’s green landscape is now a dull brown. Some plants have become mushy. Some plants have darkened their leaves or become wilted. It’s time to assess the damage caused by the freeze and get your yard back in shape for Spring!
  2. Any mushy vegetation must be removed ASAP and replaced in the Spring.
  3. In regards to pruning, this includes all perennials that need to be evaluated on an individual basis.  If you can see the green tissue when scratching the lower surface of the plant….GREAT NEWS!  It is still alive and needs to be pruned.  Otherwise, we need to look for options for replacement.  
  4. Live wood needs to be cut back in mid to late February.  The dead tops need to be removed until you see green. Some plants may come back from the roots, don’t give up too soon.
  5. Prune only damaged frawns on palms and spray the crown with copper-based fungicide. 
  6. Aerating lawns helps drain the soil and allow nutrients and fertilizers to reach the soil. Wait to fertilize until spring.
  7. We have learned that tropical plants in Houston must be considered annuals unless they can be brought indoors during freezes, so these may also need to be replaced.  
  8. Roses are hardy, and they may flower better after being forced to go into dormancy.

If all of this seems overwhelming, you are right!  Most homeowners don’t have the time or knowledge to return their yard from the freeze Houston just experienced. The PearceScapes Team is ready to Help!  

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